Welcome to Dillon Capital Management

Welcome to Dillon Capital Management

Dillon Capital Management is an independent investment adviser specializing in managing investment portfolios to help our clients meet their long-term objectives.

We aim to provide our clients with focused and efficient investment strategies.

Are you a candidate to invest with us?

Only you can decide. We’re different from brokerage firms and financial planners: there’s no long-term contract or upfront charges; we don’t take custody of your money; and we don’t charge commissions, or sell life insurance – our sole focus is on managing our clients’ assets. We’ll work with you to define your objectives and propose a strategy to help you achieve them.

Dillon capital management

Our clients include:

  • Individuals
  • Institutions
  • Pension plans
  • IRAs
  • Trust Accounts
  • Insurance companies
Dillon Capital Management LLC is a Registered Investment Adviser (RIA). The firm is registered with, and regulated by, the Pennsylvania Department of Banking and Securities. Registration as an investment adviser does not constitute an endorsement of the firm by securities regulators and does not mean the adviser has achieved a particular level of skill or ability. To find out more about our registration, click on the link in our Contact Us page.